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Consumer Reviews


 5 Stars


Need refill Stations

It's for personal use [EnzAway], but I need a lot of it because I love it and have gotten friends addicted, too.

- Jordan

Endorsement of EnzAway Spot Remover on MomPedia

We bought a house over 5 years ago with a strange grey stain on the white dining room (duh!) carpet. Everything I tried made it worse, bigger, darker, just worse. Found this stuff a few months ago, and I'm the only one who knows where the spot is now.


 Allergy Free

I go through a bottle of Enz-Away in a week. I use it everywhere. I have three large dogs and two cats, two children, and a husband who gets fairly dirty in his job some days. Food and other fluids always get into the hardest places… It rots and… ugh the smell … anyways, the only product that will get out the stain and smell and actually do its job is the Enz-Away, I find. (although hydrogen peroxide is a great substitute, but I have to add the oils to it for the smell… thank you Natural Grocers!) Our beds, carpet, showers, closets, clothes, (sometimes dogs ;), curtains, walls, surfaces… I clean everything with it. It not only smells wonderful and cleansing, but also has the ability to remove the enzymes (I know) to allow my friends to come over with allergies and not have any problem with my allergen-not-so-free home…

- Fawn

Great for food based stains

With so many cleaning products to choose from it often is hard to sort out the best. Once I tried Enzaway I knew immediately I found a product that I would never be without. I use it for all kinds of food based stains and have amazed my friends as they watched a stain disappear. Having a small dog, it has been essential to have on hand to handle both stains and smell. Enzaway is the best. 

- Linda Hanson

A Miracle Product

I am a true believer in Restore EnzAway Spot Remover. I never want to be without it in my home and have been using it for years. The following are "miracles" I've experienced with this product:

1) 3-4 year old stains on clothing were easily removed (this was after trying at least 5 other spot removers that were unsuccessful.)

2) Bright pink nail polish that spilled onto beige carpet when the bottle of polish broke as I was trying to unscrew the top. Using 3 applications over 2 hours, all the polish was removed! The carpet looked new!

3) EnzAway Spot Remover has removed ground-in dirt & mud stains on my carpet (as a result of repair technicians coming into my apartment with dirty boots). This product removed deep ground in dirt that a "Bissell Machine" was not able to clean.

4) EnzAway is always effective with mascara and lipstick stains---as well as ink.

5) I was first "sold" on this product years ago, when it was on display at the Wedge Coop with a demo person explaining the benefits. I was completely skeptical. At the time, I was driving a 10-year-old vehicle that had a large dark stain on the upholstery of the passenger seat (8" x 10"). The stain was present when I bought the car. I had tried numerous cleaning products over 4 years and nothing had worked. I tried conventional, organic, multi-level "Amway" products with no luck. The Wedge demo girl loaned me a spray bottle of water and a bottle of EnzAway and told me to try it on my car, in the parking lot. I already had a clean cloth and paper towels in my car. She said I may have to "reapply" EnzAway every 5-10 minutes, until the stain lifted. I promised her I'd prove her wrong. I left, used the product a few times over 30 minutes. I walked back into the Wedge with my tail between my legs and a huge smile of gratitude. The entire stain had lifted!! It was so effective you couldn't even see where this large dark stain had been! I immediately purchased several bottles and told everyone I knew.

- Lynn Baloga

On Woolens... Great Result

In the past, I have use Woolite for all my woolens and garments that required hand washing and mild soap.  I purchased your Gentle Soap to try as I was not very satisfied with the Woolite-too much suds, poor cleaning results.  The difference was amazing.  A wool sweater, basically ruined from a large grease spot on the front came out like new.  I applied the Gentle Soap, undiluted, directly to the grease spot on the DRY sweater, gently rubbing it in with my fingertips.  I did this on both sides of the sweater, then washed it as I normally would.  When the sweater dried, the spot was completely gone-even when checked in daylight!  I couldn't believe it as I had washed it three times prior with the other brand of soap.  I also had an older white wool sweater that had yellowed and thought it would be good enough for work or around the house.  Again, the results were amazing and that sweater is back in my better wardrobe. 

I had to share these results with you - great products!

- Gen

Need this product in ALASKA

Hello, I have used your products for some time now and they are the GREATEST. My daughter was here visiting from Alaska and was very impressed with your Gentle Body Soap, BUT, your product is not available in Alaska and she was unable to take it back with her because of it being liquid and the weight. I would like to be able to purchase this for her and mail it to her via US Postal Service (Mail), or do you do any ordering and shipping from your place of business???

I will wait to hear from you. A VERY satisfied customer,

- Marcie

Best in Class

As principals of The Housekeeping Channel (HC) and The Healthy House Institute (HHI), we have tested products from many companies. We personally use Restore Naturals’ Gentle Soap both at home and in the office and believe it to be “best in class” as a healthy, effective daily-use alternative to conventional soaps and detergents.”

- Allen Rathey and Kerry Rathey
- The Housekeeping Channel (HC)
- The Healthy House Institute (HHI)

Bathroom Lime and Scale Remover

Really Non-Toxic

Hello, I am a solo cleaning person in Duluth, and want to say that I love your products! They are so much nicer than other non-toxic brands. I especially love your Bathroom Lime & Scale Remover, and your oven cleaner is the best I've used.

- Dj

Bathroom Lime and Scale RemoverBATHROOM LIME &SCALE REMOVER
No Scrubbing needed

I live in an older apartment where there is rapid build-up of lime & calcium deposits on all sink and shower/tub fixtures. In my experience, the commonly advertised LimeAway product does nothing to help. 

Another remedy I've tried is combining a mixture of natural ingredients (including vinegar, cream of tartar & other things). A wet rag with these products has to "sit" on the faucet area for 7 days-reapplying the "mixture" to the rag every 24 hours. The best result is 50-60% improvement.

A couple years ago, I tried Restore's Lime & Scale Remover on my kitchen and bathroom faucets. I was astonished to see heavy lime & calcium build-up wipe away immediately! And with no scrubbing....just a soft cloth! I had a friend over, who witnessed this miracle with me. I showed her the entire line of products. She immediately went out and purchased all of them.

- Lynn Baloga

Glass Cleaner

Truly steak free

For years, I've been in search of the best glass/mirror cleaner that is truly "streak free". Most products make this claim, but they lie. I've spoken to professional window cleaners who swear by soapy water and a squeegee--but they say not to clean windows on sunny days. The surface will dry too fast, causing streaks.

Until Restore, the best glass cleaner I could find was a 19oz aerosol can made by 3M-but one has to be a 3M employee to buy it and the cost is $15-17 per can.

A couple years ago, I tried Restore's glass cleaner. It's the best I've ever tried and the price is unbeatable!!! One of my bedroom dressers has a very old mirror.... I've had it 35 years. this mirror always had a film--no matter how often it was cleaned. I believed the mirror was just a poor quality. The 1st time I used Restore Glass Cleaner on it, the mirror was clean, shiny and free of any film! A true miracle!

- Lynn Baloga


Glass cleaner is great also. Evaporates quickly so you don’t have to wipe, wipe, wipe.

- Julie Lockwood

Furniture Polish

Great job!

We just did a before and after of our coffee maker using the Restore furniture polish! Looks really good to me!


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Fun to use, smells good.

I love the all their products and what they stand for. I really enjoy the lime toilet bowl cleaner. Cleaning toilets used to be my least favorite job but their products make it much more fun because not only do they work but they smell good too.

- Lisa Metwaly


We love their products and would love to be able to re-sell them. We have tried the toilet bowl cleaner and the all-purpose. Both work very well.

- Bridget Randels